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Find Peace of Mind When Dealing With DUI Charges
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Indiana DUI Defense Attorney

If you are accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) or driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) in Indiana, do not try representing yourself. Potential consequences can be life-changing, including:

  • Stigma of a criminal conviction
  • Jail time and fines
  • Driver's license suspension
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Loss of employment opportunities

Regain control with the help of an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Indianapolis serving clients throughout Indiana. Decisions made in your DUI/OWI case could affect the rest of your life. For more than 30 years, attorney Eric L. Mayer has exclusively defended against drunk driving charges and related traffic matters throughout Indiana. He knows how to help level the playing field against you through uncovering any holes in the prosecution's case or evidence that can be used in your favor.

Some attorneys quickly turn over DUI/OWI cases without fully evaluating all the facts. Eric Mayer is selective in the number of cases he takes on so he can develop the best strategy possible. Contact his law firm online or call(317) 634-7477 for a free, private consultation in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Do Not Underestimate the Value of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Many defendants decide not to hire a drunk driving defense lawyer and simply accept a conviction, only to spend years suffering the consequences. The U.S. Constitution and the Indiana Constitution protect your right to legal counsel. Failure to exercise your rights after a DUI/OWI arrest is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

This is a traumatic and stressful time for you, but you are not alone. For more than three decades, Eric L. Mayer has helped scores of Indiana citizens, including college students, negotiate, or litigate a favorable resolution to DUI charges and other alcohol-related traffic offenses. If there is a defense to be found, you can feel confident knowing he will find it. He will review every angle possible to uncover any procedural errors, contradictory evidence or violations of your constitutional rights from:

Eric L. Mayer will review every angle possible to protect your rights with an aggressive defense strategy, whether you are facing first-time or repeat DUI charges.

Contact an Indiana DUI/OWI Defense and Traffic Offender Attorney

Law enforcement's job is to put you in jail. Don't give them what they need to convict you. Contact our Indianapolis DUI firm immediately for a free consultation and case review.

Criminal defense attorney Eric L. Mayer has the experience, skill, and aggressive trial experience to ensure your case is decided according to the facts and the law. A drunk driving arrest is NOT a conviction. For your convenience, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

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