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Getting Back On The Road Legally After A License Suspension

For more than 30 years, Indianapolis attorney Eric L. Mayer has advocated for motorists undergoing long-term license suspensions throughout Indiana. He has a thorough understanding of laws concerning driver's licenses, including the recent changes regarding special driving privileges.

Applying 30 Years of Experience to License Suspensions

Attorney Eric L. Mayer will work vigorously to help you restore your driving privileges. This is a highly technical area that many defense attorneys shy away from because they do not understand the intricacies involved. But Mr. Mayer understands what you are up against, and how to help you seek to regain some or all of your driving privileges.

He handles suspension cases for clients residing in all counties of the state, as well as clients now living outside of Indiana. Give him a call at 317-634-7477 to discuss your specific situation.

Mr. Mayer has years of experience helping clients protect or regain driving privileges in these situations. He also stays completely up to date on changes in the law in this area, such as the recent changes concerning special driving privileges (formerly called hardship licenses).

Can You Get Specialized Driving Privileges?

Prior to 2015, Indiana law used the terms "hardship license" and "probationary license" for the limited driving privileges that it is possible to apply for after your license is suspended.

In 2015, the legislature changed the law and created a new system for applying for such privileges, which are now called specialized driving privileges (SDP). The law allows you to apply for these privileges to the courts, so that you would be able to drive legally for specific purposes, such as to work or to medical appointments.

As an attorney who focuses much of his practice on driver's license issues, Mr. Mayer can guide you through the application process for SDP. This includes addressing issues such as proof of insurance, reinstatement fees to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the possible need to comply with an ignition interlock requirement.

Contact An Experienced Attorney To Advocate For You

If your license has been suspended, do not underestimate the value of working with an experienced lawyer. Helping clients regain driving privileges is a key focus for attorney Eric L. Mayer and has been for more than three decades. Contact his law firm today for a free initial consultation. Call 317-634-7477 or complete the online form. For your convenience, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

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